Getting Started Guide

This beginners guide is meant to help you get started with Wolf’s Dungeon quickly. If you are looking for help on a certain part or want a walkthrough, go to the walkthrough page.


Download the latest version from the home page. Save the file and extract it to a folder with WinZip or WinRAR. Wolf’s Dungeon does not have an installer so just run the WolfsDungeon.exe application file and the game will start. Your game saves and configuration are located in the /data/ folder.

Keyboard Controls

  • Menu Controls
    • W: Up
    • S: Down
    • SPACE: Select
  • Basic Controls
    • W: Jump *
    • A: Move Left
    • D: Move Right
    • S: Crouch
    • E: Wolfcry Special Attack *
    • E (Hold): Charged Wolfcry Special Attack *
    • D + E: Wolf Fang Special Attack *
    • SPACE: Attack / Action / Pick Up
    • CTRL: Block *
    • TAB: Menu
  • Special Controls
    • D + SPACE: Forward Strong Kick Attack *
    • S + SPACE (Hold): Crouching Forward Strong Kick Attack *
    • S + SPACE: Crouch Attack *
    • W + SPACE: Jump Kick Attack *
    • CTRL + BACK: Dodge Back *
    • CTRL + FORWARD: Forward Dodge *
    • CTRL + FORWARD (Hold): Run *
    • CTRL + E (Hold): Remove Underwear *
    • CTRL (Hold): Reduce Erotic *

* Requires underwear.

Status Bar

Wolfs Dungeon Status Bar

Your status bar shows at the top left of your screen and gives you information on your: level, experience points, life, hunger, erotic, and collect. It’s important to keep an eye on your stats while playing, especially in and before combat. Each stat is explained in detail below.


Hit points of the player and monsters is measured by Life. You start with a full life bar. When hit points reach zero the player/monster dies. When the player dies an ending cut scene will play depicting a brutal attack on Nona. Health is taken away when the player is damaged. You can be damaged by direct hits from monsters, or from being grabbed while naked. You take much more damage from monsters when your hunger is depleted. To heal yourself, you must find a bed and sleep while you have hunger points.


Hunger is measured with hunger points. When you completely run out of hunger points you are hungry and take much more damage. You can regain hunger points by eating apples you find, certain monsters, and breastfeeding from prisoners.


Erotic is measured with erotic points, when you are grabbed monsters will sexually attack you and your erotic bar will increase. When your erotic bar is maxed while being grabbed, the monster will rip off your underwear. If you are grabbed while naked with a max erotic bar your health will begin depleting. Your erotic bar increases MUCH faster if grabbed while naked. The erotic bar will slowly increase while naked. To remove erotic, go to sleep with underwear on or hold CTRL with underwear on.


Level is the measure of your character’s power. Once you gain enough experience you level up. However, you must sleep to actually gain the level. When you level up your stats increase slightly. As you level up you get Status Up balls to spend, increasing your stats. The amount of experience needed to level up increases with each level.


Exp stands for experience. You gain experience by killing monsters. When you gain enough experience you level up.


Collect is a bar that shows how much cum you are currently holding. Certain monster’s grab attacks will fill you with cum that is used for certain puzzles.


Wolf’s dungeon is not an easy game, and requires skill and patience to win. For a full guide to beat the entire game go to the walkthrough page. Nona has two states:

Nona Standing
Nona Standing Naked

When Nona has her underwear on she is much stronger and faster. If a monster rips off your underwear, or you remove your underwear Nona becomes much weaker, slower, and cannot perform many actions. As a general strategy you want to keep Nona clothed at all times. Once a monster rips off Nona’s underwear you should flee to a save point and rest. If you enter a save area naked, with no underwear in your inventory more underwear will appear. You can then put underwear on, rest, and start again.

Killing monsters is easy once you learn their timing and attacks. Generally the best attack to use is the strong kick. The strong kick allows you to keep your distance while damaging the monster. Another strategy is to use the jump kick, this also lets you keep your distance, thus avoiding Nona getting grabbed. For small weak monsters the standard quick punch attacks work well. Some monsters have a high defense and will require you to level up more before facing them. Small monsters are great for leveling up as there is an endless supply.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to fight only when clothed, and full. Nona’s fighting ability is limited while naked and she takes much more damage while hungry.
  • When you level up, you must sleep to actually gain the level.
  • Do not attempt to fight a boss while hungry. You will lose health MUCH faster.
  • Some parts of the game are very hard when you are not the appropriate level. If you are having trouble try going back and killing some monsters to level up first.
  • If you are naked, hurt, and completely hungry try saving then reloading the game. Usually an apple and underwear will drop from the sky.
  • When you level up, be sure to spend your ‘status up’ balls (TAB: Menu). These can greatly improve your stats.
  • If a monster grabs you, for a brief moment a movement key will appear on the screen. If you hit the corresponding key the monster will release you.
  • Once a monster has fully grabbed you mash the movement keys to escape.

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