Wolf’s Dungeon FAQ

If you are looking for information on how to play Wolf’s Dungeon check out the getting started guide. This section covers commonly asked questions about the game.


The creator of Wolf’s Dungeon is Eluku.
If you visit Eluku’s blog you will notice it is in Japanese. Even with Google translate it is difficult to understand. When I first heard about the game I noticed that there was not a good resource for Wolf’s Dungeon written in English. Hence, this site was created.
Before making the site I contacted Eluku to get permission and he gave full permission to make the site and host the game file.
There are two ways. Firstly, spread word about the game. Secondly, you can donate to Eluku, go to Eluku’s blog and click the ‘Pay Now’ paypal button on the right.

About the Game

There is no ETA, the game is done when Eluku feels it is finished. Luckily Eluku usually puts out bi-weekly updates to the game which are playable. You can download the latest version of the game on the homepage.
They aren’t, there are some more soft-core animations. It seems as Eluku creates games he tries to cover the entire spectrum of sexual fetishes. Also it seems as you lose the scenes get progressively more hardcore, peaking at the game over scene.
Though this is a hentai sexual game, it is still a game with puzzles and fighting. It seems Eluku likes to make games that require a little skill to complete, rather than just creating a game you ‘watch’. If you hare having a hard time, I recommend reading the getting started guide, and full walkthrough.
You can email Eluku directly at eluku99@gmail.com note that Eluku does not understand English very well.
You can email me directly at contact@wolfsdungeon.com or you can leave a comment, or use the contact page.
Since Eluku releases a new version every other week there are many sites which host very old versions of the game. Make sure you download the latest version of the game, which you can find on the home page.
Usually, unless the game gets a complete overhaul your game saves should continue to work with new versions.
This game has only been confirmed to work on Windows 7.


Go to a hay stack and save the game. Now restart the game, usually underwear and food will drop from above.
When your erotic bar becomes MAXED the monster grabbing you will rip off Nona’s underwear.

Visit a haystack and sleep (S + SPACE while standing in front of haystack) to save your game.

Game saves are stored relative to the path where WolfsDungeon.exe is stored. For instance, lets say you download the game and save it to downloads and unzip it. The game’s location would be C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Downloads\WolfsDungeon151220 your saves would be located here: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Downloads\WolfsDungeon151220\data\Game.ini
In order to level up first MAX your EXP bar. Then the game will display a message saying to sleep in bed. Find a haystack and sleep and you will level up.
Most likely you have reached the end of the current iteration of the game. Wolf’s Dungeon is in ongoing development, and currently you cannot proceed past the invincible enemy.