About Nona

Nona is the protagonist and the wolf, of Wolf’s Dungeon. The story starts with a cutscene of Nona skipping along happily through a forest. She spots a bush with some fruit on it and decides to stop and eat some. As she happily munches on the fruit, an orc monster spots her. Nona is easily subdued, bound, and brought to the prison. When Nona finally awakens she spots the very same orc who captured her. The orc is a distance away thrusting his gigantic cock into another captured prisoner’s ass. Once satisfied the orc turns his attention to Nona, this is where your adventure begins…

Nona General Animations

Nona Standing
Nona standing.
Nona Walking
Nona walking.
Nona Crouching
Nona crouching, then crawling forward.
Nona Jumping
Nona jumping straight up, and then jumping forward.
Nona Attack
Nona attacking, two regular attacks and then strong attack.
Nona Attacking
Nona attacking, two regular attacks and then strong attack. This animation has trails.
Nona Undressing
Nona taking her underwear off.
Nona Standing Naked
Nona standing while naked.
Nona Walking Naked
Nona walking while naked.
Nona Eating
Nona eating while naked.
Nona Resting
Nona resting while naked.
Nona Peeing
Nona peeing into a container while naked.

Nona Monster Attack Animations

Nona Uterus Seed (Naked)
Nona being attacked by the uterus plant seed.
Nona Double Orcs
Nona being attacked by two orcs.

Scenery Animations

Nona Depositing Cum
Nona depositing cum.
Nona Breastfeeding
Nona breastfeeding from bound prisoner.

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