Wolf’s Dungeon Walkthrough

If you have not already, please read the getting started guide. The information covered in that guide will not be repeated in this walkthrough.

Orc Raper

After the cut scene you begin controlling Nona in a prison. The very first thing you do in the game is fight an orc raper monster. To beat him easily you must keep your distance, otherwise he will attack and grab you. The best attacks to use on him is Wolf’s Fang (D + E) or Forward Strong Kick (D + SPACE). Hit him with one of those attacks and then run back to the starting point. Usually he will not follow you, rinse and repeat until he is dead. If he does corner you against the wall, spam your regular attack and your Wolf’s Cry (E) attack. If he does grab you mash the movement keys to escape quickly.

After beating him, continue moving forward and you will come upon a locked door. To get the key backtrack to the imprisoned wolf girl, while standing in front of her hit the action key (SPACE). Nona will then dig into her asshole and retrieve the key. Continue on and Nona will automatically use the key to open the door.

The next room has some hay to sleep on, sleep here (S + SPACE) to recover your health, and remove any erotic you may have accumulated from the last fight. Sleeping also saves your game. If you lost your clothes, new ones should drop down once you sleep. You may need to reload your game to get the clothes to appear. Once you have fully recovered your health, and removed erotic move on to the next room.

Nona Retrieving Key

Boogey Orc

The next boss you will face is the boogey orc, however first you need to level up. I recommend leveling up to at least level five before continuing. To level up, leave the save room and you will notice a little monster as you continue. These are called meat openers. You will use the endless supply of these monsters to level up. The easiest way to kill them is to use your regular punch attacks (SPACE). Two in quick succession. Don’t try to use strong attacks because they are too slow. A single meat opener will never rip off your underwear. If you get hurt, or your erotic gets to high, go back and save then rinse and repeat until you are level five. Don’t forget, you must sleep to actually gain the level once you have enough experience. As you level up be sure to use the ‘StatusUp’ in the menu (TAB). I recommend trying for speed/power/life stats. As you level up and your stats increase you will be able to kill the meat openears faster.

Once you are level five, continue on until you reach the boogey orc, do not get too close to him though or he will grab you. Note, you cannot kill him, you can only stun him. Keep your distance and jump kick attack him until he is beaten. As soon as you beat him, go past him quickly and crouch near the rock. As long as you crouch behind him he cannot grab you. Attack the rock until it breaks and crawl through the passage.

In the next area you will notice another orc below. When he passes beneath you do not move, otherwise he will grab you. Continue on stopping as he passes under you. In the next room you will see an opening, go in front of it and push (S + SPACE) to enter. Here sleep on the hay to save.

Boogey Orc
Nona Crawls Through Licker Orc Passage

Prison Orc & Cum Extractor

Walk to the right of the hay and you will notice a blindfolded prisoner. Walk up to her to feed off of her and fill your hunger bar. Make sure your health is full and your erotic is empty before leaving. Next leave the save room and go all the way east. You will notice an orc behind bars. Take your clothes off (Hold CTRL + E), pick up your underwear (S + SPACE), and then walk up to him. He will grab you, do not escape, let the entire animation complete. He will fill you with cum. Next go into your inventory (TAB) and put your underwear back on. Go back to the save room and feed/sleep until you have full health and empty erotic. Next go back out of the save room and go to the middle of the room to the cum extractor. Take off your underwear, and while standing in front of the extractor hit S. Nona will climb onto the extractor and deposit her cum, do not escape until Nona has completely drained her pussy. Repeat this until the cum bucket is full and the light below turns green. Once complete go back to the save room and save.

*Easter Egg: If you sleep on the hay in the save room naked, then restart the game, when you load the monster in the prison cell behind will grab you when you load your game.

Nona Presenting to Prisoner Orc

Nona Breastfeeding
Cum Bucket

Kung Fu Orc

Head back towards the beginning of the game towards the boogey orc. Crawl past the orc below, stopping as he passes beneath you. Then jump past the boogey orc as well. Next fight your way past the meat openers, do not go into the opened door yet. Instead, continue on to the save room and save your game. Before fighting the kung fu orc, I recommend reaching level 8-10. Kill meat openers until you reach the appropriate level. Once you are ready, enter the newly opened room.

As with the other enemies its best to keep your distance. Wolf’s Fang attack (D + E) and strong kick (D + SPACE) are your best bets. If he corners you spam your Wolf Cry attack (E). If you lose your underwear against kung fu orc, its basically game over. Once you have beaten the Kung Fu orc continue on to the girl at the east end who is suspended. Hit the action button (SPACE) while in front of her and Nona will pull a ball and chain from her vagina. Next go back west and you will see a claw, hit the action button while in front of it and Nona will place the ball there, opening both doors. Continue on east through the door, in the next area go down the stairs, then go west as soon as you can. Continue west and you will come upon some hay, save your game.

*Easter Egg: Continue west past the hay towards the rock and you will find some kind of weird monster. If you walk up to it without underwear it will grab you, this monster feeds you, fills your erotic and collect bar. Be careful though once all of them are full you die instantly.

Kung Fu Orc Grabbing Nona
Mystery Monster

Kung Fu Orc Entrance
Nona Retrieving Ball and Chain
Nona Getting Ball and Chain
Nona Using Ball and Chain

Jungle Area / Caves

Head west to the weird monster, get naked and approach it. It will grab you and fill your life, hungry, erotic, and fill bars. Get to full health and hungry, then start escaping. If all bars get completely full you will die. You might save again at this point while you have full health. Next continue east. On the next screen there are no enemies, but there is a clearing you can enter. If you take off your clothes and go into the water then hit CTRL, Nona will empty the cum into the spring. This currently has no effect on the game. Leave the spring area and continue east.

On the next screen as soon as you enter start running. You will see small seeds fall from the sky. When this happens a plant appears at that spot and will shoot acid at you which melts your clothes. If you see a seed drop step back and wait for it to shoot, then proceed. There is a vine blocking the way, destroy it, once destroyed run quickly and ignore the seeds.

On the next screen stay to the left and a butterfly sucker will appear and fly towards you. Stay back, if it flies down on top of you you cannot hit it. Instead back off and punch it. Continue this and break through another vine to continue east.

The next area is home to three monsters. The butterflies from the previous screen, sarlacc type monsters at the bottom of the pits, and a rock monster, the latter two will instantly kill you. Note, the rock monsters seem to be randomly placed. Continue east and edge up to the ledge, and carefully jump across. If the next ledge has a rock on it, go quickly to the next platform or you will be grabbed. Continue on, carefully drop down on the last platform, then jump across over the last sarlacc. There are lots of rock monsters through the caves, I recommend timing it and forward dodging past them (CTRL + FORWARD), jumping also helps. You can also use the crouching strong kick to kill the rock monsters. Continue up to the save point.

Second Vine, Butterfly
Sarlacc Monster

First Vine, Seed Dropping
Rock Monster
Forward Dodge

Futa Boss / Torture Area

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  1. noshowyu

    Does “Journey to Futa” begin when you move east towards slime monsters, wasps and another girl with a staff/spear? if so when will this walk-through be updated”

    1. Post
    1. Post
      Wolf's Dungeon

      The game is not complete, currently as of 1/30/2016 the Futa is the end-point. As the game gets updated I will update the homepage with the newest version and update the walk through.

      1. Somebody Random who plays the game

        so i dont know if eluku has made passing the transvestite killable or whatever you need to do but there is another scene after losing to the transvestite where you go through a period of things then you end up getting penetrated by what looks like the same transvestite however if nona’s life is depleted then you lose and go through a ritual where you end up on one of those statues. also the stage from the third bed to the transvestite has another bed and another area to go through…warning do make sure that you can get through the blobs and the butterfly with a 2nd set of clothes.

  2. Anonymous

    The rock monster can be identified by blue colored shade or something below the rock. U can just kill it easily

  3. Anonymous

    How do you increase the “Endurance rank” on the torture scene? I tried going through a lot of orgasms with the weird eel things, but that didn’t seem to work. Do I have to do more damage to the boss before losing?

    I’m assuming that improving the endurance rank unlocks the other animations. Is this correct, or is there something else I have to do?

  4. kirk Langsjoen

    So in the latest version I noticed something. There is actually more to the game. First, you need to lose to the futa. Second, you need to go through the end scene where you play as the futa successfully. At the end of that there will be an option called ritual. If you click on that you’ll get an additional end scene where you get raped by the tribe, and then you’ll wake up in a new area. This area isn’t yet completed from what I can tell. all you can do is wander around it. That said, it does have its own save point.

  5. Anonymous

    New update is out!
    Once you lose to the futa girl, you are stuck in a minigame. To do so, have her fill your “Collect” bar. Easy.
    The minigame afterwards will progresses until you’ve reached the final animation.
    “Dura” on the left is what you want to raise the most, so focus on the first animation to heal, and the second to raise your “level”
    Once you’ve reached a certain point, a faint noise will sound and a box will appear under a “POST” sign. Grab it for the next animation.
    Don’t risk this. If your health hits zero, you have to start over. Focus on the first two animations for quite a while. I buffed my defense to 150 and actual level to 7 but still had to do quite the amount of grinding here.
    Once you’ve finished the game, a “ritual” option appears below. It begins a 3 on one futa orgy, after giving you a futa body. After your health hits zero, you’re placed in a cage with a futa with a much larger member. This cage has a save room on the far right and I believe to be an invincible futa on the left. I think this is the end of the update, sadly.

  6. KiashiK

    Hello, well the Rock monster can be destroyed

    Ohh and finaly new version is out, now it continues in the cell after the futa ritual… i am just clueless what to do xD

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